Shake-Up Make-Up

Shake-Up Make-Up are here to transform you! From classically fabulous to Harajuku girls to zombies, we’re on hand to create the perfect disguise using only the best specialist make-up products!

The Shake-Up Make-Up team consists of professional make-up artists from the fashion, TV and film industries. We can liven up your fancy dress or hen party, ensuring everyone has perfect look. You may have seen us at expos and national events. But our real passion is transforming your parties guests. While we can perform total transformations, if your needs require a simpler, classic look we’ll be on hand to create this too.

Most importantly, we can cater to any theme you like, get in touch and we’ll take it from there!

A few weeks ago when the fabulously fashionable were all over town rushing from one show to the next (I’m talking fashion week darling) we, Shake-Up Make-Up were showing the glamorous ladies and gents how to create perfect 50s pouts and fantastic 40s flicks!  

Somerset House hosted a fantastic vintage themed fair selling unique clothing, shoes (loads of amazing shoes!), photo shoots, furs, accessories and ahem, leaving the best till last… Shake-Up Make-Up lessons!

(Apologies for the terrible quality snaps, I though iPhone’s were better than this!)

More Made-Up Mundane by the lovely Greg Davenport!

Shake-Up Make-Up in action at HYPER JAPAN!

“Made-Up Mundane” 01  

Shake-Up Make-Up remade!

“Made-Up Mundane” 01  

Shake-Up Make-Up remade!

(Source: gregdavenport)

Big thanks to everyone who came to see us at the London Film and Comic Con, you all arrived looking great and left looking fabulous! See you next at Hyper Japan 22-24 July!!!!